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Vol. 35, No. 8
August, 2018
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  Journal of the Korean Society for Precision Engineering  
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Vol. 35, No. 6, pp. 609-613
Title: Study on Finite Element Modeling Method for Cylindrical Composite Lattice Structures with Hexagonal Cell
Corresponding Author: Kwang Bok Shin
Abstract: In this paper, finite element modeling methods for cylindrical composite lattice structures were verified through natural frequency test. Finite element models for cylindrical composite lattice structure were developed using beam, shell and solid elements. Natural frequency test was measured using impact test method under free-boundary condition. The analysis result of the beam element model showed up to 23% errors because the beam element could not consider the degradation of mechanical properties of non-intersection parts of the composite lattice structures. On the other hand, the natural frequencies of finite element analysis for shell and solid element models showed good results with natural frequencies test. From the analysis of the experiment, finite element model for composite lattice structures should use shell or solid element which takes into consideration the intersection and non-intersection parts. …
Vol. 35, No. 6, pp. 635-639
Title: Effects of the Liquid Surface Tension on the Ejected Droplet Volume in a Pneumatic Printing System
Corresponding Author: Sangmin Lee
Abstract: This paper presents results for effects of the liquid surface tension on the ejected droplet volume using a pneumatic printing system. The low surface tension of the solution causes the liquid wetting around the nozzle, and then the wetted nozzle also inhibits stable formation of droplets. First, we confirmed the maximum inlet pressure (i.e., balanced with capillary force on the outlet channel) corresponding to varied surface tensions of the solutions, prepared by controlling the concentration of a surfactant. The ejected droplet volumes with the surfactant concentrations was varied within approximately 7% at each maximum inlet pressure, and the volume variation decreased to a fifth as compared with a high surface tension liquid. …
Vol. 35, No. 7, pp. 681-687
Title: A Study on the Vibration Reduction of Turbine Rotor through Advanced Flexible Packing Rings
Corresponding Author: Chul Kim
Abstract: Steam turbines of thermal power plants are installed in such a way that packing ring surrounds the entire turbine rotors in order to reduce the amount lost due to a leak of steam and to improve performance. However, the conventional packing ring cannot affect positively fluid velocity of the direction of steam, so it does not have the power to reduce vibration of the rotor. In this research, a study was conducted to reduce it by lowering the rotational speed of steam in the rotor. Anti-swirl teeth which changes rotational speed of steam into axial speed of it, designed in front of the conventional packing rings, and their numbers, twist angles. The characteristics of the rotor and the anti-swirl teeth were chosen as design factors to reduce vibration of the rotor. Through the finite element, the improved packing ring designed with the optimal anti-swirl teeth was developed. …
Vol. 35, No. 7, pp. 695-700
Title: Lightweight Design of the Stub Axle Using Topology Optimization
Corresponding Author: In Gwun Jang
Abstract: This study reviews the assumption that the lightweight design of commercial vehicles is significant from the aspect of the anticipated fuel consumption and environmental regulations that are consequently applicable to those vehicles. Generally speaking, it is noted that among the numerous trailer components, a stub axle, which is designed to independently operate as an integral part of trailer’s suspension, can play an important role in increasing the shipping capacity of a box trailer. For this reason, because each stub axle is comparatively a heavy unit in itself, and a total of six stub axles are mounted in a box trailer, the lightweight design of a stub-axle is noted as an essential factor to reduce the whole weight of a trailer. For a finite element analysis, an original CAD model is modified through removing a chamber, airbag, axle drum, bearing and pivot on a vehicle. In addition, the loading conditions are imposed considering three extreme driving conditions and the effects are studied when in the event of review of a fully loaded in a box trailer. A topology optimization is conducted to determine a lightweight design for minimizing compliance under these boundary conditions. …
Current Issue Archive
JKSPE Vol. 35, No. 8
Optimization of Performance Using Taguchi Method and Grey Relational Analysis in Micro-EDM Using Copper Electrode
Joon Yeong Gwon1, Eun Soo Lee1, and Won Tae Kwon2

구리전극 사용 미세방전가공에서 다구치방법과 그레이관계분석을 이용한 가공의 최적화
권준영1, 이은수1, 권원태2

J. Korean Soc. Precis. Eng., Vol. 35,  No. 8  pp. 737-743, 2018.
    Full text via DOI      PDF Links
The Comparison of Attitude Estimation Method Based on Kalman Filter with Considering External Acceleration and Bias Effect
Taeho Jang1, Yuongshik Kim2, and Taesoo Jang1

 외부가속도와 바이어스 효과를 고려한 칼만필터 기반 자세추정 방법 비교
장태호1, 김영식2, 장태수1

J. Korean Soc. Precis. Eng., Vol. 35,  No. 8  pp. 745-752, 2018.
    Full text via DOI      PDF Links
Development of Robot’s Vision Control Scheme Using the Data Moving Method for the Tracking of Moving Target
Jae-Hoon Park2 and Gab Soon Kim1

 다리환자 보행보조로봇의 고관절 회전력 측정을 위한 고관절 토크센서 개발
박재훈2, 김갑순1

J. Korean Soc. Precis. Eng., Vol. 35,  No. 8  pp. 753-759, 2018.
    Full text via DOI      PDF Links
Design of Gerotor Oil Pump with Expanded Cardioid Lobe Shape to Reduce Noise
Min Cheol Lee1, Hyo Seo Kwak2, Hyeon Jong Kim1, and Chul Kim3

 소음저감을 위한 확장된 심장형 로브형상을 갖는 지로터 오일펌프 설계
이민철1, 곽효서2, 김현종1, 김 철3

J. Korean Soc. Precis. Eng., Vol. 35,  No. 8  pp. 761-767, 2018.
    Full text via DOI      PDF Links
Optimal Design of Boom Joint for 2.5 Ton Class Aerial Lift Truck
Jung Min Hong1 and Jai Hak Lee1

 2.5톤 저상형 고소작업차량 붐 조인트의 최적설계
홍정민1, 이재학1

J. Korean Soc. Precis. Eng., Vol. 35,  No. 8  pp. 769-775, 2018.
    Full text via DOI      PDF Links
Simulation and Experimental Analysis for Noise Reduction of a Scooter Gearbox
Qi Zhang1, Jing Zhang1, Zhong Hua Liu2, Jian Hua Lv1, Zhen Qin3, and Sung Ki Lyu3

 스쿠터 기어박스의 소음저감을 위한 해석 및 시험분석
장기1, 장 정1, 유충화2, 려건화1, 진 진3, 류성기3

J. Korean Soc. Precis. Eng., Vol. 35,  No. 8  pp. 777-782, 2018.
    Full text via DOI      PDF Links
Structural Reliability Evaluation for Brazed Joints of Fine Tube Heat Exchanger on an Aero Engine
Na Hyun Kim1, Jong Rae Cho1, Yong Jae Ra1, Seul Bi Lee2, and Yoon Seok Choi2

 항공기용 미세관 열교환기의 브레이징 접합부에 대한 구조 건전성 평가
김나현1, 조종래1, 라용제1, 이슬비2, 최윤석2

J. Korean Soc. Precis. Eng., Vol. 35,  No. 8  pp. 783-789, 2018.
    Full text via DOI      PDF Links
Influence of the Material Scattering on the Springback Tendency in the Stamping Process of the UHSS
Sang Bum Bae1 and Se Ho Kim2

초고강도강 성형공정에서 소재산포에 의한 스프링백 경향
배상범1, 김세호2

J. Korean Soc. Precis. Eng., Vol. 35,  No. 8  pp. 791-796, 2018.
    Full text via DOI      PDF Links
Separation of Oil from Water Using Porous PDMS Capsules
Jei Gyeong Jeon1, and Tae June Kang1

다공성 구조의 PDMS 캡슐을 이용한 물/기름 분리
전제경1, 강태준1

J. Korean Soc. Precis. Eng., Vol. 35,  No. 8  pp. 797-801, 2018.
    Full text via DOI      PDF Links
A Study on Frictional Characteristics of PDMS Under Various Conditions
Tae-Lim Park1, Young-Mo Yang2, Dong-Gap Shin1, and Dae-Eun Kim1,2

다양한 조건에서의 PDMS의 마찰 특성에 대한 연구
박태림1, 양영모2, 신동갑1, 김대은1,2

J. Korean Soc. Precis. Eng., Vol. 35,  No. 8  pp. 803-807, 2018.
    Full text via DOI      PDF Links
Design of a Regression Model for Four Grasping Patterns and Three Grip Force Intensities of a Myoelectric Prosthetic Hand
Jiho Noh1, Woorim Cho1, and Jae-Hyo Kim1

전동형 의수의 네 가지 잡기 동작과 세 가지 악력 조절을 위한 추정모델 설계
노지호1, 조우림1, 김재효1

J. Korean Soc. Precis. Eng., Vol. 35,  No. 8  pp. 809-816, 2018.
    Full text via DOI      PDF Links
An Air Pocket Glove for Finger Rehabilitation and Quantitative Assessment of Hemiplegic Patients
Ju-Seon Yoon1, Young-Chan Kim1, Mi-Ju Kim1, and Jae-Hyo Kim1

 편마비 환자의 손가락 재활과 정량적 평가를 위한 Air Pocket Glove 설계
윤주선1, 김영찬1, 김미주1, 김재효1

J. Korean Soc. Precis. Eng., Vol. 35,  No. 8  pp. 817-823, 2018.
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