한국정밀공학회지. 2019  36(10): 947-952     http://doi.org/10.7736/KSPE.2019.36.10.947
ⓒ Journal of the Korean Society for Precision Engineering
흙막이 가설구조를 위한 PS 싱크로나이즈 띠장의 개발
김경남1, 정명민1, 홍대희1
1고려대학교 기계공학과
Development of PS Synchronize Wale for Construction of Earth Retaining Temporary Structure
Kyungnam Kim1, Myungmin Jeong1, Daehie Hong1
1Department of Mechanical Engineering, Korea University

Since earth pressure changes depend on soil depth and surrounding situations, the construction of earth retaining temporary structures should be able to measure the change of the earth pressure and cope with the changes. When the underground excavation and construction of earth retaining temporary structure repeatedly occur, the excavation should be less interfered by the earth retaining structure. A PS synchronize wale measures the horizontal deflection of the structure and generates tension on the wire rope by controlling the hydraulic cylinder so that the wale is in safe range. Since the horizontal load is canceled by pre-stress bending moment, the number of struts the horizontal load is reduced making the excavation interference is small. We evaluated the horizontal deflection of the PS synchronize wale with increasing tension and verified that the deflection of the PS synchronize wale can cancel out the horizontal load in the safety range of 5 mm. This occurs through a universal testing machine experiment simulating earth pressure. We are in the process of applying the PS synchronize wale to a test bed and expect it to be safer and more efficient than existing methods.
Key words : Earth retaining temporary structure (흙막이 가설구조), Pre-stress bending moment (선행 굽힘하중), Wale (띠장), Deflection (처짐)
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