한국정밀공학회지. 2019  36(12): 1147-1156     http://doi.org/10.7736/KSPE.2019.36.12.1147
ⓒ Journal of the Korean Society for Precision Engineering
마비 환자의 손 근력 보조 및 Pinch 동작이 가능한 휴대용 핸드 외골격 로봇 개발
이승찬1, 이다연1, 김남주3, 황승훈1, 신동빈1, 한창수2
1한양대학교 대학원 메카트로닉스공학과, 2한양대학교 로봇공학과, 3한양대학교 융합시스템학과
Development of Portable Hand Exoskeleton Robot Capable of Hand Muscle Strength Assist and Pinch Operation of Paralyzed Patients
Seung Chan Lee1, Da Yeon Lee1, Nam Ju Kim3, Seung Hoon Hwang1, Dong Bin Shin1, Chang Soo Han2
1Department of Mechatronics Engineering, Graduate School, Hanyang University, 2Department of Robotics Engineering, Hanyang University, 3Department of Interdisciplinary Engineering Systems, Hanyang University

In the case of paralysis caused by brain diseases and accidents, proper rehabilitation and supplementary systems for daily life are essential. In this study, we designed a system that can enable daily life by supporting the hand of a patient whose function has been lost to paralysis. The hand exoskeleton robot proposed in this study can be transported for the purpose of ADL (activities of daily living). It was designed to focus on the most important assistant for the thumb and index finger. The hand exoskeleton robot proposed in this study enables grasp and pinch motor skills during the human hand operation through the specific mechanism for the segment movement of the human finger simultaneously. Finally, the finger
movement trace of the wearer through the vision system is measured, respectively.
Key words : Hand exoskeleton robot (손 외골격 로봇), Hand rehabilitation (손 재활), Rehabilitation robot (재활 로봇)
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