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Vol. 36, No. 1
January, 2019
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한국정밀공학회지. 2018  35(1): 71-77     http://doi.org/10.7736/KSPE.2018.35.1.71
ⓒ Journal of the Korean Society for Precision Engineering
공초점 변위 센서를 이용한 폰 카메라 렌즈의 자동초점 구동 측정
손석우1, 김학용2
1LG 이노텍 광학솔루션사업부, 2한국표준과학연구원 우주광학센터
Measurement of Auto-Focus Driving Distance for Mobile Phone Camera Lens Using a Confocal Displacement Sensor
Suk Woo Son1, Hagyong Kihm2
1Optical Solution Division, LG Innotek Co., Ltd., 2Center for Space Optics, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science

In mobile phone cameras, usually a voice coil motor (VCM) is used as a micro-positioning device for the image autofocus (AF) because of its low cost, simplicity, and reliability. Measuring the actual displacement of the VCM is important when we assemble the camera and test the AF performance for distant objects. In this paper, we propose using a confocal displacement sensor for calibrating the VCM displacement, where the axial chromatic aberration of a confocal objective lens is used to measure the target position. The tolerance angle for the dynamic tilt of a VCM increased up to ±15o because of the large numerical aperture of the confocal objective lens, which increased the stability of the repeatable in-line inspection. We compared the measurement robustness of the confocal displacement sensor with that of the laser displacement sensor in a mass production line to verify its performance superiority.
Key words : Confocal displacement sensor (공초점 변위 센서), AF driving distance (AF 구동거리), Camera module (카메라모듈), VCM dynamic tilt (VCM 동적틸트)
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