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Vol. 36, No. 5
May, 2019
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한국정밀공학회지. 2019  36(3): 301-309     http://doi.org/10.7736/KSPE.2019.36.3.301
ⓒ Journal of the Korean Society for Precision Engineering
3D 융합 기술을 활용한 악교정 수술장치 연구
김민욱1,2, 김윤호2, 김영석3
1 경북대학교 대학원 기계공학과, 2 경북대학교 3D융합기술지원센터, 3 경북대학교 기계공학부
A Study of Orthognathic Surgical Splints Development Using 3D Convergence Technology
Min-Uk Kim1,2, Yun-Ho Kim2, and Young-Suk Kim3
1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School, Kyungpook National University, 2 3D Convergence Technology Center, Kyungpook National University, 3 School of Mechanical Engineering, Kyungpook National University

The objective of this study is to verify the accuracy of performing surgery by developing and experimenting orthognathic surgical splints using 3D convergence technology. We performed the computation of the movement of the maxilla on the virtual simulation data for the surgery then designed the surgical splints using 3D CAD. We produced the designed splints and the test object and experimented on them using a 3D printer (accuracy ± 0.025 mm). The subjects were scanned using an optical scanner (accuracy ± 0.01 mm). We then compared and evaluated the simulated data and their accuracy. The evaluation results showed that the mean error range was within +0.313/-0.456 mm (average standard deviation 0.106), which was within the range of ±0.5 mm. These splints did not need for a reference point for external measurement to be set, neither did it need improving of the accuracy nor shortening the operation time. In addition, its advantage is that the amount of bone removal can be known accurately when the maxilla is repositioned.
Key words : 3D CAD (3D 캐드), 3D Printer (3D 프린터), 3D Scanner (3D 스캐너), Surgical splints (수술 장치), Orthognathic surgery (악교정 수술)
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